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(with breaks for coffee and snacks) Hi, I'm Ed. 21. I have a 2:1 in International Politics and Intelligence Studies from Aberystwyth University: which seems to be my main acheivement as of yet. I love foxes, Scott Pilgrim, Brand New, Monster, video games and cwtching. I will probably post some politics type things from time to time.

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24 April 14



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Made an edit not my pic tho ~


Made an edit not my pic tho ~

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Best face
still my favorite
an example of perfect, perfect comedic timing in comic panels


Best face

still my favorite

an example of perfect, perfect comedic timing in comic panels

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Really confused about my size right now. I’m on a diet so I measure my self with a tape measure from time to time. But for some reason, all my jeans that fit me fine are about 5 Inches smaller than what the measure says I am. I don’t understand it, I’ve spent about 20 minutes goggling it re-measuring myself and checking the measure against a ruler and everything. Why can’t shops just use real sizes rather than changing them constantly. So confused. 

23 April 14


Emma Stone calls out Andrew Garfield’s casual sexism in the most perfect way. See the full conversation here. 

(Source: Andrew Garfield Daily)

I like this. And I like that she called him out on it (although he was being more ignorant than purposefully sexist). But it does make me think, what is classed as being feminine? Can we still call something feminine or does everything have to be gender neutral? And if some things/activities have changed their assigned gender stereotype, can we still call things masculine or feminine if we mean it in a good way? Or does it depend entirely on how the person who hears it responds? 

Before you all jump on me, I’m not suggesting anything. Gender stereotypes interest me since I learnt about them doing Sociology at A-Level. I don’t know the answers to the questions I’m asking. I’m just thinking out loud. 

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the thing about living in australia is there’s always some weird animal making some fucked up noise outside your window

We’ve got that in England too but we call them chavs

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21 April 14


Please like this if you’d miss me if I left Tumblr.

Reblog if you’d note me a whole bunch to talk me out of it.

You should stay. You have a fan base here =)

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Via /user/choosethesword on reddit

Via /user/choosethesword on reddit

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I love being back in my hometown, but it is really so boring being around the house all the time. Used to be better before Uni, now all my friends have moved to various parts of the country it’s just a bit lonely. I hate being strung between Kidderminster and Shrewsbury. Kidderminster is such a dump (IMHO), and Shrewsbury’s nice but I’m stuck at my parents house all the time. 

Still, going shopping tomorrow. I can at least try and make the best of it. 

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Cleared my browser cache and lost my strange impossible connection to the Pirate Bay. Now I’m having to use a proxy and it’s so slow. I just want to watch Game of Thrones. 

20 April 14


i doodled a dumb thing

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18 April 14

Feeling so lazy today. I used to get up at 10 every morning. What happened to me?

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