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(with breaks for coffee and snacks) Hi, I'm Ed. 21. I have a 2:1 in International Politics and Intelligence Studies from Aberystwyth University: which seems to be my main acheivement as of yet. I love foxes, Scott Pilgrim, Brand New, Monster, video games and cwtching. I will probably post some politics type things from time to time.

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1 May 12

I really want pop tarts right now. But we don’t even have a working toaster. Being a student is so hard. 

And I have a 3000 word essay on R2P to write and I really want to get 1,500 done today, so I’m not up all night wednesday. 

But I also have this stupid role play prep to be doing for my last seminar on Wednesday. I hate that seminar, I hate the people, I hate seminars in general. 

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